A Multiplayer Online Computer Game & Chat

A MUSH is a text-based multi-player game that runs over the Internet. Here you can adopt the persona of your NERO® character or an NPC and actually play out some of the between-game time with your fellow players.

Step 1:

Get a Username and Password by sending an email to We'll create an account for you and email you back information. Make sure to include your full real name and your full character name and race.

Step 2:

To connect to the mush, you'll need some sort of "client". This can be as simple as the telnet program that's already on your computer, or you can download a full-featured client progam like SimpleMU or MUSHClient. The MUSH is at:

Either click on the telnet link, or if you're in windows, select Start->Run then type in the above command. That should connect you to the MUSH. Mac also has telnet, and you can connect using that.

Step 3:

If you're using a client like SimpleMU or MUSHClient, you'll have already entered your character name and password. If you're just using telnet, type:

connect <username> <password>

Step 4:

See who else is around. Type in "WHO" and it will list the connected players. Type in "+staff" and it will list the staff members who are connected.

Step 5:

Get some help. You can type in "help" to start getting help on how to use the MUSH. Here are some basics:

To say something type:

say <what you would like to say>

To look around type:


To send a message (page) to another player who isn't in your location:

p <player>=<message>

It's a good idea to page one of the staff members when you first get connected, and they can help get you moving.

About the MUSH

A MUSH is organized into rooms. Rooms have exits that lead to other rooms. When you start out, you'll be in the Out-of-Game Lounge. This room is dedicated to out-of-game discussions. To look at the room just type "look", and that will show you the room, its exits, and any players that are present in the toom. You can look at players and exits too, type "look me" and you'll see what you look like.

To move from room to room, type in the name of the exit you wish to use. You'll move through that exit... if you are allowed to. Type "look" and notice that one of the exits leads to Mandrake's Landing<ig>. Type "ig" and it'll take you into the game. From there you'll see other exits and places to go.

Play around a bit, and be sure to ask for help if you get stuck. Remember, though, that other people may be idle or away from their keyboards. Be patient if they don't respond right away.

Rules about Using the MUSH

These are very important. The MUSH is not a replacement for going to events. We have certain standards of behavior and rules for using the MUSH that can and will be enforced. This is to keep the MUSH fun and fair for everyone.

  • You can roleplay, conspire, intrigue, flirt, joke, and play. All of this is cooperative, so it's up to the player if they want to participate.
  • You cannot get experience.
  • You cannot kill (or even wound) another character on the MUSH.
  • You cannot trade items or tags of any sort. Nor can you cast precasts or any other type of spell.
  • You must act in a mature manner (no profanity, don't be a jerk, etc.) or you will be banned from the MUSH. It's very easy to mis-construe intent in a text-based medium, so try not to take offense easily and be careful how you phrase critiques.
  • You may play your character, but NPCs are the sole domain of plot.
  • Privacy is a myth. We can listen in on anything that is or was said or done on the MUSH. While we have no intention of invading your privacy, we reserve the right to investigate anything we deem important.
  • The MUSH is a text-based medium and we appreciate but do not require proper use of the English language.
  • The MUSH is open to any player who can log in, not just members of NERO® West. But we like the presence of "foreign" characters to make sense, so please contact a staff member and ask about how to integrate yourself with our game.
  • The NERO® West Metagaming rule (see our rules board) is in effect on the MUSH. That is, if you you learn something out-of-game, you can use it in-game without plot penalty. Keep secrets secret!
  • Finally, what occurs on the MUSH is not gospel truth. Plot may overrule something that has occurred on the MUSH for the purposes of the LARP. In general, the MUSH is subordinate to the needs of the LARP.


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