The Fantasy World of The Outlands


These pages contain in-game information about the fantasy world our game is set against. You'll find maps, town descriptions, cultural essays, histories, legends, beastiaries and other resources that will help give you the rich flavor of our game world.

Common Sense

A word of caution before you proceed: Some of the background materials here would not be known by the average adventurer. We rely on players to distinguish between what they know, and what their character knows. Use good judgement. It's highly unlikely an illiterate Barbarian would have an understanding of the political intracacies of Quadlum royalty, for example.

Truth and Lies

We plot members are a cagy lot. Don't believe everything you read herein. There are mistakes, omissions, out-of-date facts, and outright lies and fabrications in these pages. We leave these little land mines out there for your character to run into in-game.

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