The lands to the south of the Cynder Valley are, by and large, a mystery to the people of the two Kingdoms. Rumors abound of strange beasts, mysterious magical effects, impassable mountains and primitive peoples. This expedition, the preparations of which are referred to below, is the first truly organized attempt at penetrating the region in hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years.


Posted throughout both Kingdoms:

Adventurers, Scholars, Miners, and Healers! Gain Riches and Fame as one of the Discoverers of a New Realm. Join the Heroic Joint Expedition of Discovery to the Southlands. You will be in Noble Company, under the comission of Count Dugnar and Viscount Serri, worthies of both the Great Kingdoms.

Those of you who are Strong and Adventurous enough to Undertake this Grand Expedition should present themselves to the mustering point in Calowyn, from where it will commence to the South.

A Scholar's Missive:

To Count and High Master Smith Druss Goldtear of County Dugnar, Highmarch, Hightower
To Viscount Prin Salastall, of County Serri, Duchy of Osyrsian, Quadlum

Your Most Gracious and Potent Lords,

I do hope you will forgive the lack of the normal courtesies and preamble. The news I have to deliver is too urgent and I am too excited to bear such perambulations. Simply, the research your Excellencies jointly commissioned has born the most amazing fruit: I have discerned, definitively, the location of the Caverns of Orichalcum. There we are sure to discern the secrets of that potent metal. The Ancients used it as we now use steel, but it is a metal which can retain enchantments for aeons as the pyramid in Mandrake's Landing attests

I am in the process of formulating plans for a joint expedition. I am certain that cooperation is key to our eventual success. Indeed, without I had access to the resources of both kingdoms through your joint foresight and vision, my Lords, the research would have never yielded in such a manner. I have maps and firsthand accounts and I have traced a likely route of travel that will take our expedition past several points of particular interest.

I have identified my preferred research and archaeological assistants, and I recommend we bring a military contingent of no less than six strong soldiers from either Kingdom, each group led by a nobleman of your own designation and open-mindedness. In addition, if we open the expedition up to adventurers, we are likely to gain an even larger protective contingent without cost to you, my lords.

I anxiously await your reply, most gracious Lords,

Yours in Humble Obedience,

/s/ Master Historian Bel Ondril, Order of Wisdom

Quadlum's Reply:

Master Historian Bel Ondril, Order of Wisdom,

My good man, you have done well. I anticipated your success, perceiving your abilities when we first met. Your proposal of a joint mission is very sensible, and I will happily support the suggested endeavor. Indeed, I exceed your hopes and send ahead a good Knight sworn to me along with appropriate troops ahead to forge the path. I have copies of the maps I provided you, so there will be no doubt as to route. My vassal shall secure the path and send back word of first discovery. I am sure you will meet with success once again.

Notify me again when the territory is secure along with our prize.

/s/ Viscount Prin Salastall, County Serri, The Duchy of Osyrsian, Quadlum

Hightower's Reply:

To My Dear Friend, Master Historian Bel Ondril, Order of Wisdom,

It does my heart good to learn of your success. I know well the labors you have undertaken to unearth this deep knowledge, the pain and sacrifice you have endured. Our ally, Serri, informs me that he has already sent a vassal to pave the way to the Caverns. Naturally enough, I must do no less.

My apprentice, Master Smith and Knight of Hightower, the human Dain Baileo will oversee the gathering of men and supplies and will ensure that all is well with the mission. He will help coordinate the assistance of the Earth Coalition, the Celestial Guilds, the Trade Syndicate and the adventurers. He will post, in my name and in the name of the Viscount, a call to arms.

I have arranged payment for our men, and arranged for them to provide food and training for adventurers who agree to aid the mission. I am sure we will meet with the greatest of success

/s/ High Master Smith, Count Druss Goldtear of County Dugnar, Highmarch, Hightower



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