Notable Persons of Mandrake's Landing

Mandrake's Landing is an oddly organized city, falling as it does between the two Kingdoms. It is the fiefdom of Baron General Duncan Barkharrow, but it exists at the pleasure of the two Kingdoms, and must survive under their watchful eyes.

Baron General Duncan Barkharrow -
After Lord Geoff McKiernan left the town under somewhat questionable circumstances, Duncan was left effectively in charge of Mandrake's Landing. The General owns the town and the land surrounding it, and his ownership is now recognized by both kingdoms. He is a direct link with the city's Border Guards, a quiet group that patrols the outer perimeter of Mandrake's Landing. Duncan has been a pivotal figure in the history of the kingdom of Hightower, having been present at the founding of the kingdom and having led key campaigns throughout the wartorn history of the nation. Once a dwarf, the Baron came very near to his death of old age, but the citizens of Mandrake's Landing sought out strange magics that put off the grim reaper. Unfortunately, the price seems to have been paid by his beard, and the Baron now appears human.

Captain of the Guard, Fellet- (Player Character) The mystic wood elf, Fellet, is responsible for commanding the town guards in their daily duties, including patrols. The Guard are the organized town defense as well as the muscle behind the constable's office.

Lord Governor Gwem Farstrider of Quadlum -
Lord Farstrider holds an appointment from the Queen to represent Quadlum on matters concerning Mandrake's Landing and Irongate. He is responsible for monitoring and taxing border traffic and for the administration of royal matters in this area.

Lady Governor Shielaran an Tir Coill of Hightower - (Player Character) Lady Shielaran holds an appointment from the King to represent Hightower on matters concerning Mandrake's Landing and Irongate. She is responsible for monitoring and taxing border traffic and for the administration of royal matters in this area.

Sir Garn Harcourt, Knight of the Order of the White Sash of the Kingdom of Hightower - (Player Character) Sir Garn Harcourt took his title from the former Sir Edwin Terminus, in a friendly challenge during the month of April, 603. He was formerly Sir Edwin's champion, though now Edwin serves as Sir Garn's champion. He serves the Marquis de Fortin, the highest noble in the region apart from the King.

Sir Toren Hawkmantle, Knight of the High Order of Illumination of the Kingdom of Quadlum - (Player Character) Sir Toren gained his title in recognition for his heroic deeds in the aid of the Kingdom and in particularly of the Queen's Governor, Lord Farstrider.

Sir Vandyl Evendown, Knight of the Order of the Pierced Heart of the Kingdom of Quadlum - (Player Character) Sir Vandyl gained his title through the intervention of Baronet Tarathien Irfani for deeds rendered in the service of the Queen. He had previously been squire to Sir Toren Hawkmantle.

Sir Drax, Knight of the Order of the Chain and Mace of the Kingdom of Hightower- (Player Character) Sir Drax won his title by taking it from one of the vassals of the Marquis of the Bordermarch. He defeated the former knight in single combat, and now serves the Marquis.

The Celestial Guilds - The Defenders of the Empyrean

The Celestial Guilds of Hightower have been united in a single organization, called the Defenders of the Empyrean.

Shard Linthrop
- Defender of the Empyrean - Shard has long been the Guildmaster of the Celestial Guild of Mandrake's Landing, and he has recently been elevated to his new position by fiat of King Drundal Hightower II. He is a reknowned Celestial Scholar, and is considered one of the leading researchers of the day.

Other guildmasters are less well known, and will be detailed as they come into game.

Roster of Nobles of the Cynder Valley

This listing is an incomplete roster of the nobles of the Cynder Valley. Barons, Baronets, and Knights are not always listed, and some of the information may be out of date. Nobles in green are played by PCs.

The Principalities of the Kingdom of Hightower
King Drundal Hightower II

Bordermarch - Marquis Jaques Fortin (Human) (Nav'arac, Irongate, Addreadyn)
     Son: Sir Renoir Fortin (Human)
     Daughter: Lady Jaqueline Fortin (Human)

    • Sir Garn Harcourt: Order of the White Sash (Human, PC)
  • Borderpass County- Ivan Kresfield (Human) (Irongate/Mandrake's Landing region)
      • Mountainpass, Irongate and Mandrake's Landing - Lady Governor Shielaran an Tir Coill (Human, PC)
    • Firehill Baronetcy- Baronet Reginald Forswythe (Elf)
  • Count of Tradesland - Karen Blacksbee (Human) (Nav'arac)
    • Baron of Nav'arac - Derek Blacksbee (Dwarf, brother of Karen Blacksbee)
    • Baroness of Argentarius (Unclaimed)
  • Dresfell County- Viscountess Iridian Lifestear (Chameleon Scavenger)

Duchy of Faire Meade - Duchess Ladonna Kithis (Drae) (Faire Meade and Drundal)

    • Faire Meade County- Count Soth Ponstad (Hobling)
      • Barony of Drundal, Baroness Irena Dusarev (Human)
    • Droxy County- Count Marg'al Kithis (Drae, brother to Ladonna)
      • Baronetcy of Lilswood, Baronet Sir Gerald Dren (Human)

Duchy of Jagged Peaks - Duke Jens Dobson (Human) (Jagged Peaks and the Geyser desert)

  • Jagged Peaks County- Count Nexx Sardon (Scavenger)
  • Geyser County- Count Marax Gull (Human, DEAD. TITLE RETIRED BY THE KING.)

Duchy of Dar'thach - Duke Kell Orebond (Dwarf)

  • Count Aiden an Tir Coill, Count of County Dar'thach (Human, Shielaran's brother.)
    • Barony Oresward, Baron Siegfried Ilsethia (Elf)
    • Baronet Aiden an Tir Coill, Baronet of Tir Coill (Human, Shielaran's brother.)
      • Sir Bradach Unfearth, Knight and Champion (Human)

Duchy of Tasin - Duke and High Chief Enik True Cougar (Barbarian)

  • Earl of the Festils, Earl and Chief Blood Hawk Cries (Barbarian)
  • County Giantspine, Count and Chief Bear Laughs (Barbarian)
  • County Bonespur, Countess and Chief Ferina Cougarsdottir (Barbarian, daughter of Enik True-Cougar)
    • Barony Ursland, Baron and Warrior Fell Knife-Eye (Barbarian)
    • Barony Lowinland, Baron and Warrior Grundel Darkshank (Barbarian)

Highmarch - Marquis and High Master Karl Steelhand (Dwarf) (Hightower)

  • Count Berio von Hellman, Human, Count of Hightower and Advisor to the King

Duchy of Dugnar - Duke Atix Dugnar (Dwarf) (Dugnar)

  • Counts to be appointed. Dugnar was only recently made a Duchy.

The Principalities of the Kingdom of Quadlum
Queen Anala Valancha Silnaus Quadlum I

Duchy of Osyrsian: Duke Reinavon Thu'Quon (Elf) (Osyrsian to Valendar Keep & Irongate) (Played by Shawn Renner)

      • Sir Toren Hawkmantle, High Order of Illumination (PC)
  • Viscount of Serri (Elf) - Count Prin Salastall (County includes Valendar Keep.)
    • Baronet Tarathien Irfani - (Valendar Keep region)
      • Sir Vandyl Evendown, Order of the Pierced Heart (PC)
    • Barony of Dennwyr - Baron Kirenn Selthaniel
    • Barony of Eldwyr - Baroness Tiraneia Selthaniel
    • Barony of Sulannwyr- Baron Ardanei Selthaniel
  • Count of Osyrsian - Count Rictor Clypss (Elf) (County includes Osyrsian)
  • Count of Nordell - Count Jaleb Nordell (Elf)
  • Viscount of Larethan - Count Hytril Larenthan (Elf)

Duchy of Bressara: Duchess Linia Serillya (Elf) (Bressara, Nav'arac, to the border)

  • Viscount of Bressara - Pel Gastal (Elf) (Bressara)
  • Count of Nav'arac - Count Rayin Kappa (Elf) (Nav'arac)
  • Viscount of Irini - Caspin Vandinglass (Elf)

Duchy of Quirathiem: Duke Loyillis Emerian (Elf) (Quirathiem & Dylonna)
     Duchess Linna Emerian (Elf) - Wife

  • Countess Tillia Emerian (daughter of Loyillis, Elf) of Dylonna
  • Count of Quirathiem - Count Garret Longhiene (Elf)
  • Count of Tharin - Count Blair Tharin (Elf)

Duchy of Addreadyn: Duke Jarreth Starling (Elf) (Addreadyn, along the border to the SW)

  • Count Lian Starling (Elf, Brother of Jarreth Starling)
    • Lady Crystal Starling (Elf, Daughter of Jarreth)
  • Viscountess Treina Liera (Stone Elf)
  • Viscount Roona Kustiel (Elf)

Skymarch: Marquis Bretano Te'nir (Elf) (Calowyn)

  • Viscount of Elderel - Countess Liriaa ir Elderel (Elf)
  • Viscount of Calowyn - Count Quinias Berlian (Elf)

Iniamarch: Marquis Uriel (Elf) (Gil-Gandil)

  • Viscountess of Gil-Gandil - Loria ir Wrencroff (Elf)
  • Count of Willowdane - Count Thaddi Willowdane (Elf)

Duchy of Lombride: Duke Sen Ur Tenidium (Elf) (Lombride, Griffon Fall)

  • Viscount of Griffon Fall - Viscount Lei ser Veini (Elf)
  • Count of Lombride - Count Lorien Queldrethia-Larenthan (Elf)
  • Countess of Soulwell - Countess Ypril ir Te'nir (Elf)
    • Baronet Balis Lelairan (Elf, played by Dan)

Senilil - The lands around Quadlum are Sovereign Title overseen by the Royal Family.

  • Count of Kingsland - Count Tinnig Kreni (Drae)
  • Countess of Queensland - Brenia Muterstyl (Elf)

Race Packets

We have the first of our local race packets done: The Sarr. Take a look and let us know what you think. We're happy to have feedback.

We'll be adding more race packets over the next few months, and would love to get creative, writing, and editing help from our players. Just give plot a tap on the shoulder, and we'll do what we can to make use of you!

Part Avian, Biata have a Noble and Savage Heritage. They are relatively rare in the Cynder Valley, but almost all of them have settled in the Quadlum city of Dylonna. Most of this avian race entered the Cynder Valley from the Southlands, and their history in the Valley itself is shrouded in mystery.(soon!)

An Uncultured Tribal Race of Powerful Warriors. The various tribes each claim a emblem animal, which guides the customs, rites and outlook of the tribe. (soon!)

Pitch Black-Skinned Elves at Home in the Dark Places. Most Drae hail from the Quadlum city of Addreadyn, but they rose up against the Queen in the rebellion of 602, and were brutally put down. Just about all of the Drae nobility were made slaves as a punishment. (soon!)

A Sturdy, Bearded People with Unparalleled Smiths. Most dwarves in the Valley come from the great underground city of Dugnar, in the Northeast of Hightower, but many also come from the capital city Hightower, itself. (soon!)

Quadlum Elves
A Noble Race of High Elves who Rule Quadlum. Elves can be found throughout the Southern kingdom of Quadlum.(soon!)

Stone Elves
Stoic, Emotionless Elves with Slate-Grey Skin (soon!)

Wild Elves
Uncultured Elven Race, Dwelling in the Deep Forests (soon!)

Mystic Wood Elves
Almost Mythically Rare, New to the Valley. Mystic Wood Elves are virtually unheard of in the Cynder Valley. Most all of them would have emigrated recently across the treacherous mountains that surround the region. Myths abound as to why none are found in this region. (soon!)

Nomadic and Untrusted, the Colorful Gypsies Look out for Their Own. Granted protection by none of the laws of the Cynder Valley, Gypsies rely heavily on their clans and their nomadic existence for protection and survival. There are rumors that they are close kin of the shapeshifter breeds. (soon!)

Half Ogres
A Powerful Warrior Race with Yellow Skin and Tusks. Hailing from in and around the mountains in the north of Hightower, Half Ogres are known to have a superstitious hate for undead, and will often face each other in tests of strength. (soon!)

Half Orcs
A Bestial Race, Known for its Violent Temper. Half Orc tribes have long raided down into the southern parts of Quadlum from their mountain homes. They are believed to be strongly in tune with nature and the magics of Tyrra, and their strange cultural beliefs often shock outsiders.(soon!)

A Crafty Race of Nimble Folk, Hoblings have made a name for themselves throughout the valley. Most at home in inns and taverns, they actually have a strong cultural bond and are believed to hold regular gatherings apart from the other races.(soon!)

The most populous race of the Cynder Valley, legend has it that humans once dominated the valley and held all the other races in bondage. Still, humans take part in all aspects of society within the region, though some races claim that the weak-willed humans produce the most necromancers and consorts of extra-planar evil. (soon!)

The Sarr (PDF,668k)
A Fierce Race of Feline Humanoids

A Mixed-Bag, every scavenger appears to be a humanoid version of some bestial species. It is said that few scavengers breed true to their animal form, and that early in life, a scavenger child is chosen by an Icon Beast who claims the body and spirit of that child. Some breeds have learned to seek out their own icon spirit, so that they can bring their child up in the same mold. (soon!)



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