Advance registration gets you a lot and it's immensely helpful to us. Help yourself and help us by pre-registering now!

  • Plot reviews the list of who pre-registers and plans just for them!
  • Go through logistics and into game first! We'll usually pre-tag everyone who pre-registers.
  • Get dibs on food, drink, and lodging!
  • Discounts on the event price for weekend events!

Pre-registration is a promise to come and pay for the event. The discounts and benefits mean that when you register, you're committed to pay and play... if you don't make it, unless it's an emergency, you still need to pay for the event. We count on pre-registration to help us make the site fee and to buy food, so we can't offer refunds. Typically we prefer if you pay in advance by Paypal, but we've been able to take people at their word... this means pre-registration can be as simple as giving us a call or sending us an email. Be sure to include the information asked for below.

To pay in advance, you can either send us a check, or go to the upcoming events page and click one of the Register Now buttons to pay using Paypal.

Pre-registration only counts before the registration deadline. After the deadline, we'd still like to hear from you, but we can't offer the discount and we may not have time to act on your requests before the event. For an overnight event, the registration deadline is typically midnight Sunday night before the event. For shorter events, it's usually noon on Wednesday before the event.

To register by mail send check and forms to:

NERO® West
c/o Charles Smith
3970 Will Rogers Dr. Ste. 3
San Jose, CA 95117

Regardless of how you pay, we need to know the following, which you can mail or email to us:

  • Character Name
  • Player Name, Address, Phone. & Email
  • Any production to do at check in
  • Any craftsman skills you want coin for
  • Any special out of game requests ( arriving after 10:00pm, health needs, etc. )
  • What your character wants to do this event, and what you want for your character.
  • Overnights: Food is now included in the event price. If you're certain you're not going to be partaking of our drinks, snacks, and meals, give us a call and we might be able to arrange a discount. Our cooks are volunteers and typically can't cook for special diets, but we can try to coordinate those who have such needs and you can use the kitchen if you don't get in the way of the main cook. You do have to go out of game to use the kitchen, though.
  • Overnights: Cutter has cabin rooms with bunk-beds, and we usually have plenty of sleeping space. Beds must typically be rented in-game, however. The common room is a few copper a night, while other spaces can be pretty expensive. If you're with a group and want a private room, plan on spending in-game money and let us know early. Camping is free, and there are plenty of good sites.


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