We're always looking for Player-perspective write ups on past events, and we'll happily post them here and award you some goblin points. Please send them in to plot@nerowest.com and we'll get them posted!

Sunday, March 2 2008 Adventure Day - Belgatos Park
March 14-16, 2008 Overnight Event - Camp Cutter
Saturday, April 12, 2008 Tournament - Belgatos Park
Weekend, November 2-4, 2007 Weekend Event - Camp Cutter - Friday 4pm until Sunday 4pm
Sunday, November 18, 2007 Adventure Day - Belgatos Park - 10:00am until done.
Sunday, September 30, 2007 Adventure Day - Belgatos Park - 10:00am until done.
Weekend, June 8-10, 2007

Weekend Event - Camp Cutter - Friday 4pm until Sunday 4pm

Sunday, July 8, 2007 Adventure Day - Belgatos Park - 10:00am until done.
Saturday, July 28, 2007 Adventure Day - Belgatos Park - 10:00am until done.
Weekend, August 24-26, 2007 Weekend Event - Camp Cutter - Friday 4pm until Sunday 4pm


Type Adventure Day
Date(s) Saturday August 13, 2005
Location Belgatos Park, Los Gatos

With a large explosion in Nav'arac that spread ground lightning to Mandrake's Landing, and some say as far as Quadlum and Hightower capitals, the Trade Syndicate has been defeated. Both kingdoms are sending thanks to Baron General Duncan Barkharrow and his skilled adventurers.

As with any defeat, there are still a few loose threads to take care of. The two kingdoms have reports of secret labs, stashes, and small bases of operation that need to be investigated. They are asking any and all adventurers to help them as they do not have the resources to undertake such a task at this moment. Adventurers will be allowed to take any treasure found, tax free! Also, there are reports of two councilors that are unaccounted for and believed to be in one of the labs. The two councilors have been sentenced to Obliteration until Permanent Death; they request any information regarding their location be brought forth or their capture. Whomever captures the councilors will have the option to perform the obliteration themselves if capable.

Put a complete end to the Trade Syndicate and bring forth free trade among the kingdoms!


Type Mistvale Adventure Day
Date(s) Sunday August 14, 2005
Location Belgatos Park, Los Gatos

The next game of the Mistvale Feature Mod Campaign will be this Sunday, August 14. There is no event fee, however, those who attend will have the following options:1) NPC, pay no money, and receive a half-blanket from NERO West2) PC or NPC, pay $10 to NERO West, and receive a full-blanket3) PC, pay $15 to NERO West, and receive a full-blanket, one P1 Unrestricted NERO Formal Component, and applicable NERO coin and Unrestricted NERO production tags.Monetary and material donations toward the Mistvale game are appreciated. Please note that some material donations may be declined if they are not specifically required. Donations may be rewarded with Karma and the Mistvale Staff may also bestow Karma for good sportsmanship, costuming/make-up, and/or roleplaying, as well. For more details on Karma, see http://conf.nerowest.com/WebX/mistvale/oog/playtests/5

If five people preregister by 11:59pm Friday, August 12, then the game will begin at 10am on Sunday but Story Mods for the next chapter "Barks and Bites" will not be run until noon. You are, of course, free to pursue your IG goals as soon as you are in game. With less than five preregistrations, the game will still begin at 10am on Sunday, but no Story Modswill be run so expect the day's action to be driven by PC goals. If you're new to Mistvale it's the perfect chance to explore the setting, meet new and interesting people, and catch up on recent happenings. Preregistration statistics will be posted to the Mistvale list first thing Saturday morning.

For new characters, preregistration should include a 50-pt version of the character that you intend to play -- it can be a carbon-copy of your NERO West one if you like. Starting equipment is whatever you can physrep but still carry on you. For each spell slot in a particular school, your spellbook may have a spell of the same level.

For returning characters, preregistration should include a 60-pt version of the character that you intend to play -- it may be the same character that you played last time or a completely new one. Either way, feel free to use the tags that you earned last game, but no new starting gear will be issued.

Standard durable production items do not require tags, but all equipment is considered non-silvered, non-strengthened, and non-magical if they do not have a tag. All consumable items (potions, scrolls, runic tattoos, alchemy, and traps) and magic items require Mistvale tags to be used in-game.

Thanks for bearing with me and I hope to see a preregistration from you soon. Please send preregistrations, questions, and/orcomments, to mistvale-staff@yahoogroups.com and Megs, Joseph, Isaac, or I will reply to you.


LA Adventure Day
Saturday, August 2nd
Wildwood Canyon Park, Burbank
Logistics starts at 9:30am, game on at 10:30am. End around sunset.

The story of the Southlands continues to evolve in yet another adventure day. We hope to see you there!

Adventure Day
Saturday, July 26th
Belgatos Park, Los Gatos

One of our always-fun adventure days in beautiful Belgatos Park. Come join us in another installment of the saga of the Cynder Valley.

3-day Weekend!
Thursday July 3rd through Sunday July 6th
Camp Cutter

Join us for our first-ever three day event over this holiday weekend! Headway has been made against the darkness that had engulfed Irongate, but the Mephosians continue to build relentlessly towards war on two fronts. Meanwhile, the squabbling of the powerful and enigmatic wizards who call themselves "elder mages" has begun to spill over into the daily lives of the adventurers. The Codex of the Planes and its hints at ancient formals that invoke the powers of the outsiders has become a riddle that must be solved... if the right pages can be found.

Mandrake's Landing is the home of adventure, a place where the meek need not apply. Stand on the border between the two kingdoms and shout your defiance against dark and careless powers that would run roughshod over weaker spirits.

Quadlum Tournament Modules
Saturday and Sunday, June 28th and 29th
Parkway Park, Santa Clara
See below for schedule. 9:00am logistics start.

This is going to be a grand tournament of the people of the old Quadlaam style. The tournament is to be held in Osyrsian and is hosted by His Grace, Duke Reinavon Thu'Quon. All who leave this tournament will be healed, including both those who come to fight and those who come to watch. The entrance fee for the tournament is five gold. Many merchants will ply their wares, offering fine deals and excellent products, possibly including our own Mandrakes Landing Trade Syndicate.

More information is available on the boards if you are interested in going.

The Tournament will be six modules over two days the weekend of June 28-29. That means six days of production, three days of experience and countless chances of getting those hard to find items before the big three-day.

Logistics is between 9:00 and 10:00 each day, each module will last 2 hours, and there will be about 20 minutes of lag time between each match.

There are special deals on production items, and production will cost 15 copper per 40 production on a shop also commodities will be there for use at a discount and their will be merchants there to buy it. There will be every type of shop and the Duke will give you below market prices on commodities if you get me your production list by Thursday the 26th at 9:00 pm. Spell ink will be available from the guilds. There will be many specialists holding classes for those of you who need to learn a skill.

These are being held in order to assure we can hold more two days next year. This is an experiment that if you like we will do more of.

Costs are 10 dollars a module for PC’ing. NPC’ing is five dollars a module for non guild members and it gets you full XP. Npc’ing is of course free for guild members.

Please e-mail confirmations, production lists of what you want made each day and any special items or people you will be looking for at the modules Plot. Production lists need to be emailed by Thursday night the 26th at 9:00 for you to get a discount on commodities.

Adventure Day
Saturday, June 21st
Wildwood Canyon Park, Burbank

Come join us for another fine day of adventure in the newly discovered southlands. Register now and let us know what you'd like to try to get done. Our Adventure Days run until around 5pm, depending on the story, action, and park ranger. The exploration of these new lands is in its infancy, and there are many mysteries left to unravel.

Adventure Day
Saturday, June 14th
Belgatos Park, Los Gatos

Come join us for another fine day of adventure in and around Mandrake's Landing. Preregister now and let us know what you'd like to try to get done. Our Adventure Days run until around 5pm, depending on the story, action, and park ranger. We'll be slinging swords and spells and attempting to deal with the ever tense adventure around Mandrake's Landing.

Adventure Day
Sunday, June 1st
Moved! Belgatos Park, Los Gatos

Announcment text:
We've had to move this adventure day to Belgatos Park, which is more convenient for some of you. Apologies to the folks in the Napa area for the inconvenience and we hope you can join us down in the south bay. We're doing a series of build ups to what we hope will be a fantastic 3-day event in July, and this will be a major installment.

The Baron Bale is dealt with... or is he? What's going on in the graveyard around Mandrake's Landing? And what of the Mephosian Empire? More and more columns of guards clad in blue have been seen in the area, the roster of citizenship grows daily, and rumors abound of activity within the ranks of Quadlum and Hightower.

Come join us at Belgatos Park in Los Gatos for a great time!

Full Weekend Event "Got Enlightenment?"
Friday April 18th through Sunday April 20th
Camp Cutter

We wanted to give you all a heads-up about what to expect at this upcoming 2-day and encourage everyone to pre-reg and let us know they're coming! Remember, the pre-reg price is available if you promise to come, even if you have to pay at the door! Call 408-410-8483 or email plot@nerowest.com to make special arrangements, or use Paypal from our website: http://www.nerowest.com/events/registration.html.

First of all, there will be a Gypsy Party. That's right, no tease, no joke, time and effort are set aside for it. Plan on dancing, drumming, riddles, singing, fortune telling, feats of strength, duels, and storytelling. This will be after a fine dinner at Barkharrow's Plowshare and the party should start around 9pm on Saturday. There may be a little snack food and drink delivered from the tavern to the fireside, but we want to encourage a bit of a pot luck where people bring some tasty stuff to share for midnight snack. Just please don't bring stuff that requires the kitchen, as that'll be all booked up with regular serving work.

Now on to your regularly scheduled event teaser:

The effects of the Mephosian occupation on Mandrake's Landing have, to date, been relatively inconsequential. The army occupies a mountain valley nearby, but aside from occasional visits to town, seems to be keeping to itself. No new laws have yet been set down, trade and travel remain unrestricted, but an air of tense anticipation hangs over everyone.

Strangely enough, with the Mephosian presence in the area things have been relatively quiet. Wandering monsters are being intercepted by the Mephosians. The only immediate source of unease is the unsettled Graveyard. Untended by the Emperor's designate, the fate of those put to rest there is uncertain. Few seem willing to acknowledge that it needs to be dealt with.

Unsling your swords, ready your spells, and polish your lockpicks. Come help write the history of Mandrake's Landing and the Cynder Valley at our April 2003 Weekend Adventure!

Los Angeles Adventure Day
Saturday, April 12th
Wildwood Canyon Park, Burbank
Join us from 10:00am until the park closes.

The people of the Cynder Valley and Ackliceum have found their way to a new land in the south, and have found interesting magics at work. Those that wish to learn more about it, open trade routes, or seek adventure in an unexplored land should join us!

The official announcements have been posted throughout the two kingdoms:

Adventurers, Scholars, Miners, and Healers! Gain Riches and Fame as one of the Discoverers of a New Realm. Join the Heroic Joint Expedition of Discovery to the Southlands. You will be in Noble Company, under the comission of Count Dugnar and Viscount Serri, worthies of both the Great Kingdoms.

Those of you who are Strong and Adventurous enough to Undertake this Grand Expedition should present themselves to the mustering point in Calowyn, from where it will commence to the South.

Feast Day
Sunday, March 30th
Portola Valley Ranch, Ranch House

The Kingdoms of Hightower and Quadlum, in celebration of the victory over the rebellious drae duchy of Addreadyn and for the key role the people of Mandrake's Landing played, held a feast at the Golden Heron in Faire Meade. Presiding over the meal were the Duchess of Osyrsian, the Viscount of Serri, and the Count of Borderpass.

At the behest of the presiding nobles, Sir Toren Hawkmantle awarded Vandyl for his bravery and leadership in battle, and Lady Shielaran an Tir Coill and Sir Edwin Terminus awarded Krieger for his orchestration of the information-gathering effort that turned the tides of the conflict.

General Duncan Barkharrow was proclaimed Baron of Mandrake's Landing by both Kingdoms, becoming the first noble to hold title in the two lands.

There was much discussion of the current situation on the border, a fine meal, eloquent speeches and toasts, and good company.

Personal Module Day
Saturday, April 5th
Belgatos Park, Los Gatos

We had a fun day out, and managed to fit all three modules in, though we pushed until the park closed. Thanks to all the players and NPCs who helped! All in all we think this was a success and more personal mod days will be scheduled in the future.

Belgatos Adventure Day
Saturday November 23rd, 2002
at Belgatos

We had a great time running the event last Saturday. Many players came out and pitched a hand NPCing as well as playing for the event.

Here's a rundown of the events:

Sir Toren Hawkmantle received a missive from Count Serri to investigate an unusual caravan traveling between Hightower and Quadlom. It was rumored that the group travelled in disguise and infiltrated the caravan as mercenary guards and 'camp followers'. The disguised heroes defended the caravan from many a bandit attack. During the caravans travels, the group of adventurer's found that a Scholar with the expedition unearthed a powerful magical artifact that was equally guarded by powerful magical guardians. Fighting a desperate battle, the heroes rallied themselves against truly heroic odds to victory. It was overheard at the Plowshare Tavern that the group returned with the knowlege of the Caravan and it's insidious plots.

Meanwhile, Garn and a group of his boon companions went to the Fae realms to retrieve themselves a marvelous creature. After asking for directions from a troll underneath a bridge, the group went and found a blood thirsty Leprechaun at a set of Fae Realm gates. After using great cunning to answer the Leprechaun's riddles, the group of seasoned veterans went into the lands of the Fae. Facing a variety of trials including receiving tribal looking ritual markings upon their faces, the group captured a dark skinned creature. Their prisoner looked much like a Drae but with goldish hair. The Group returned to Mandrakes Landing where they took the prisoner into the Celestrial Guild.

Belgatos Adventure Day
Saturday November 9th, 2002
at Belgatos

A surreal course of events led the townsfolk into a bargain with a force of Undead, with the aim of ridding the lands of their presence. The mission led them to the keep of Baronet Tarathien Irfani, into the gauntlet of the Evershifting mines, and even into a sancturary in the middle of the cursed region of Old Irongate. Alas, the final steps remain incomplete and the undead menace retains its hideous foothold in our lands.

Belgatos Faire Day
Saturday October 19th, 2002
at Belgatos

Baronet Tarathien Irfani of Quadlum and Baroness Karen Blacksbee of Hightower conscripted the townsfolk of Mandrake's Landing to finish the mission that began three weeks ago. Placing a serpent triangle into the mysterious pyramid artifact caused a tower to appear, and the town was led on a mission to investigate the tower and recover the hearts of some of the constructs within.

Belgatos Faire Day
Saturday September 28th, 2002
at Belgatos

The never-quiet town of Mandrake's Landing was once again the site of attacks by the chaos-tained barbarians from far away lands. Their assault interrupted the arrival of a Royal Herald who announced an evolution in Hightower politics. In short, the King challenged and overthrew Baronet Folcard of Lilswood, the gypsy werewolf who took the title in the tourney held by Count Marag al'Kithas. When the King took the title, he gave it in turn to Sir Gerald Dren, now Baronet Lilswood, in recognition for his loyal response to the ascension of a Gypsy to noble title.

Guildmaster Shard Linthrop was also recognized for his loyalty, and has been elevated to the title of Defender of the Empyrean, head of all the Celestial Guilds in Hightower.

The Town was later the site of a meeting between a Seneschal representing the Baroness Karen Blacksbee and Baronet Tarathien Irfani, representing the Viscount of Serri, Prin Salastall. They acrimoniously discussed a project that both agreed was important: retrieving the heart of one of the ancients and commanded citizens of the town to take care of the problem for them. Naturally this little plan led the townsfolk into the dark places of the world, but some success came of it. The particulars will, of course, have to be learned in-game.

A Meeting of Minds
Friday September 13th - 15th, 2002
at Camp Cutter, Boulder Creek

To our most esteemed colleagues and erudite practitioners of the scholarly arts: Guildmaster Shard Linthrop and the Celestial Guild of Mandrake's Landing cordially invite you to attend a Grand Symposium on Matters Arcane and Interesting. We have selected speakers from throughout the Cynder Valley to come and share the fruits of their research with us in a series of lectures and discussion groups. Topics to include: "Old Artifacts and Elemental Theory", "The Rift Between Magics: Celestial and Earth- The Griffon Influence", "Age of Legend An Archaeological Discovery of Some Note." All forums to include a moderated discussion. To be held Saturday, September 14th, 602 beginning at or about 9:00am in Mandrake's Landing, at a specific location to be announced.

The symposium was, as some native to the area might have predicted, interrupted rather rudely by some local and not-so-local menaces. As the Border Guard were distracted by an incursion of Chaos-tainted barbarians, the town was left to face a goblin threat and to deal with a captured Commandant.

Tournament for the Baronetcy of Lilswood
Sunday August 18th, 2002

The Tournament for the Baronetcy of Lilswood in the Duchy of Fair Meade in the Kingdom Hightower

Setting: Fair Meade in County Doxy in the Kingdom of Hightower (About 1-2 days travel from Mandrake's Landing.)

Background: In June, 602, Baronet Nelson Welling was killed attempting to defend his honor. His sister Lady Tani Welling and his widow, Lady Emaline Welling, who inherited his title, have announced a tournament open to all comers, with the winner to be given the title of Baronet of Lilswood. The Count of Droxy, Marg'al Kithis, has announced that he will defend the title until the tournament can be held. The Drae Count, Kithis, is well known to be a skilled and ruthless defender of his own title, having ordered everyone out to the first cousins of his last failed challenger killed and dispossessed. Kithis announced his full support of the tournament and the eventual winner.

Belgatos Faire Day
Saturday August 10th, 2002

Hot. Very hot.

We had a crazy day in scorching heat. More writeup later. Still suffering from heat prostration.

Full Weekend Event!
Friday July 26th - July 28th, 2002

Wow, what a turnout. We're working on a full writeup, but it'll take a little while.

Faire Day, 2002
Saturday, July 6th

We had quite a fun day with a great group of PCs who managed to break away from their RL holiday festivities to drop into game and defend the budding town of Mandrake's Landing. The day in the sun was capped off by a pool party decompress and BBQ that got more than a few people dunked and stuffed with grilled meat.

Here's a rundown of the day's news:

As background, plot informed the PCs that the shapeshifting creature captured at the last Belgatos event had, in fact, escaped its warded prison cell. Frighteningly, it had been seen changing forms about every 6 hours or so and had appeared in the cell in the guise of several of the PCs.

Early in the day, the townsfolk heard of an encounter with some gnoll marauders, and a large group of adventurers went off to go deal with the problem. Sir Toren's tracking skills proved invaluable in finding the creatures, and they were dispatched with skill and daring.

General Duncan Barkharrow then organized a group of travelers to take a trip to the Fae Court. Guided by Rom, they fought past a group of invaders and made it into the Seelie court where General Duncan arranged for an exchange of hospitality between Mandrake's Landing, to stave off any troublesome incidents that might come of the fae fleeing to Tyrra. On the return journey, the group again ran into a group of invaders, but this time they proved considerably tougher and it wasn't until a group of the creatures marked with the blue swirl drove the enemy off that the line broke.

Meanwhile, Espen asked a group to go investigate the new graveyard being built outside Mandrake's Landing. They were met by a minion of the powerful undead creature that styles itself the Emperor of the Graveyard. An uneasy cease-fire was proposed, similar to the relationship that existed between Irongate and the Emperor in times past.

As things settled down back at the city, the Baroness Karen Blacksbee made an appearance. She had specific news for Oden, and asked for any information about the strange races that had been observed in the fae realms. She informed the townsfolk that she had contact with the race with the blue swirls, a race that call themselves Mephosians. They said they had been at war for generations with the shapeshifting creatures with the red-swirls, which she dubbed Anosians. The Mephosians are apparently organized and thus far they had seemed honest and honorable in their dealings with Lady Blacksbee. The Anosians, on the other hand, are viewed as an infestation... beasts that should be killed outright.

As the day wore on, Vandal organized another mission against the Gnolls, returning after successfully defeating several of them. Some concern was voiced that the increased presence of gnolls and orcs in the area may be an indication that the long-stalled Goblin army is once again preparing to make its presence in the Cynder Valley felt.

Faire Day
Sunday, June 16, 2002
at West Wood Hills, in Napa

This faire day left players and plot members reeling. Heavy on interplayer conflict, spent in yet another in a string of picture-perfect Northern California days, the players got their exercise and some very serious angst. Kudos to the players of Morgan and Turok who had their world turn upside-down on them. They were both great sports, despite taking a very hard blow. As the day didn't go exactly to plan (to say the least), we plot folks won't pretend to have a great grasp on exactly went on and I welcome additions or corrections to this write-up.

This faire day left players and plot members reeling. Heavy on inter-player conflict, the players got their exercise and some very serious angst. Kudos to the players of Morgan and Turok who had their world turned upside-down on them. They were both great sports, despite taking a very hard blow. As the day didn't go exactly to plan (to say the least), we plot folks won't pretend to have a perfect grasp on exactly occurred, and I welcome additions or corrections to this write-up. The chronology is also somewhat skewed, as I attempted to group related events.

As the day dawned in Mandrake's Landing, certain people within the town noted the presence of both Turok the barbarian, and Morgan the human. It had been decided, apparently, that the two were to be arrested and accused of a crime. A large troupe set out to perform the arrest, and soon, with a minimum of struggle, Turok was in custody and placed in the cages where General Duncan Barkharrow keeps the monsters for the arena.

The posse set out again, this time to track and apprehend the ex-convict, Morgan. At the same time, his allies set out to warn and perhaps even protect him. Met by some marauding Gnolls and Goblins, the troupes focused on their core mission. But the rogue proved elusive, and it wasn't until visiting members of the Veiled Guard of Quadlum chased him into town that he was put down. Unfortunately, upon being cut down, Morgan's body immediately and inexplicably dissipated.

Their hopes of capturing Morgan tarnished for now, it was decided to hold the trial for Turok and he was brought before the court of Guardsman Forest for Mandrake's Landing, Lord Gwem for Quadlum, and Lady Shiel and Sir Edwin for Hightower. After interviewing Turok, hearing arguments, and deliberating, the Court sentenced Turok to Obliteration. The sentence was carried out immediately, the ritual cast by Liandrin Mercy, Guildmistress of the Earth Coalition. Turok did not survive. In a tragically ironic revelation, it later came to light that the Scholar Lynn was with Turok at the time of the murder of the guardsman, casting a doubt on the validity of the core accusation.

Some time thereafter, Morgan was captured and tried as well. Again the verdict was guilty, and this time the sentence was Obliteration to Permanent Death. But despite all efforts, the ritual failed and Morgan was able to escape the sentence by killing himself and immediately dissipating. Speculation abounds, but it seems Morgan is in league with Elemental Death itself. Warnings and warrants are being posted, but it seems Mandrake's Landing will see more of Morgan's depredations before this matter is brought to a close.

Shard Linthrop, the Guildmaster of the Celestial Guild stumbled into town, badly injured and suffering from some sort of magical curse. He spoke to some of his guild members before collapsing into unconsciousness. His warnings and symptoms hinted at a Shadow influence, though most are at a loss to understand what Shadow is. The Earth Coalition was called upon to help, after an attempt to identify and destroy the magics failed. Later that day, the Coalition Scholar Willoughby arrived by a Spirit Walk and examined Shard. He suggested a solution: that Shard be left in full sunlight for an entire day, in the hopes that that would dispel the shadows.

While most of the adventurers were off hunting the suspected murder, Morgan, the town was the scene of a very strange and ugly event: A massive creature, constructed of steel plates that looked like armor, chased a human into town, smashed him to the ground with a casual sweep of his arm, then lifted the body into the air and consumed it. Only the man's sword and a box containing a cryptically marked map of the town were left. The creature stomped off, out of town, with strides that made it impossible for the townsfolk to follow it.

Upon the suggestion of the guardsman, Taral, some of the townsfolk determined once more to try to visit the Seelie Faerie King in his stronghold in the Fae Realm. Accompanied by the Earth Coalition Battlemage, Grinder, the Lady Shiel, and Captain Dain of Hightower, a troupe gathered to travel the trods. It is up to them to tell the tale of their journey. One matter did come to light: it appears that Captain Dain has reported seeing an army massed somewhere in the Fae Realms, an army of humans with blue swirls marking their features… quite in contrast to the pink-swirled shapechangers that have invaded that realm.

The town was also somewhat surprised to find itself used as a sanctuary for several deserters from Quadlum's Veiled Guard. As Tanith sought to perform the arrest, he was interrupted by Lady Shiel who questioned his jurisdiction, bringing the unsteady political status of Mandrake's Landing into one of its first tests, however small. In the end, the deserters were returned to the Veiled Guard to an unknown fate.

Faire Day
Saturday, June 8th, 2002
at Belgatos Park in Los Gatos

Write up in progress.

Friday-Monday, May 24-27, 2002
at San Jose Doubletree

Baycon is an annual fantasy and science fiction convention that has become a Bay Area tradition. We had a great time, met scores of people who were interested in the game, ran mini-modules and fighter practices out in the arena, and had a booth selling NERO®-safe boffer weapons. Oh, yeah, and we partied into the wee hours!

Photo Shoot
Sunday, May 12th, 2002
at Belgatos Park in Los Gatos

Thanks to everyone who came and helped! We had a fantastic turnout, a great BBQ, and took some wonderful pictures. We'll be submitting many of the pictures to National for possible inclusion in the next edition of the rulebook, and with luck we'll have a shot at the cover! Check out our gallery to see how they turned out!

Faire Day
Saturday, May 11th, 2002
"A Not-So Wonderful Life"
at Belgatos Park in Los Gatos

Oh what a tangled web.

The search for Leonry Somyr netted the party a bunch of charred formal scrolls and one singed map that seems to hold clues about the mind of the feared necromancer.

Investigating one such lead has brought the party to the presence of a formidable Mage, one feared and hated even by Shard. This Mage seeks the blood of a Cortage, the giant white stag, in return for information about Somyr, and it seems his formidable Golems have staked out a perimeter around his strange tower.

As undead sprang forth from the ground at, the town leapt to the defense of its citizens. Later inspection allowed the party to learn the reason for the rise of the undead: it seems that the Emperor of the Undead is building something not far from Mandrake's Landing itself. The return of this troubling presence darkens the future of the fledgling settlement.

And, in a tremendous show of courage, a grand assault was launched on the Elemental Plane of Life to recover the Mace of Chaos. The assault was apparently successful, though some of the heroes are still missing.

Faire Day
Sunday, May 5th, 2002
at West Wood Hills, in Napa

The day broke with a ferocious attack by a huge and deadly creature, a Pantherghast. This monstrosity raged into town, close on the heels of some fleeing humans. The residents of Mandrake's Landing lept to the offense, but it was soon realized that the creature was hunting humans, and only those of that race could affect it. Concerted effort brought the beast down, with the killing blow landed by Sir Edwin Terminus.

Before the cause of this strange attack could be discerned, the Townsfolk were embroiled in a charged conflict between a barbarian clan and a group of tree spirits. The Noble heros were able, however, to break down the obstacles and forge a tenuous alliance.

Still, none quite understand who the strange Wild Elven tribe are, and what fell cause was behind the celestial casters and their magic-resistant hounds? Come join us, and see if you can't find out.

Faire Day
Sunday, April 21st, 2002
at Belgatos Park in Los Gatos

When it rains, it pours, and on this beautiful sunny day our PCs were awash with tasks and trouble pouring from the sky. The adventurers of Mandrake's Landing are truly making a name for themselves, and not just in this realm.

An innocuous hunt for a stag turned into participation in the Seelie Court's Great Hunt: a pivotal event that could spell success or failure for the Fae's mysterious war.

The protectors of the city showed their colors as they rescued children from the clutches of an evil boogieman who had been kidnapping them and turning them into undead servants.

And the Unseelie King divided the adventurers into two groups, sending them to retrieve artifacts that had been placed in carefully guarded locations. They were forced to prove their mettle and, having retrieved the artifacts, presented them to the Unseelie King.

What will become of the lone child, now cared for by the healer Lynn and said to be charmed? And what of Rom, the personable Gypsy who saw fit to follow the Unseelie King through a rift? Will the success of the Great Hunt and the gift of the artifacts help the Fae in their desperate war? Come join us and find out!

Faire Day
Saturday, April 6th, 2002
at Belgatos Park in Los Gatos

Wow, talk about a great turn-out! We had several new players and NPCs who really got into things, the plot ran smoothly and there was plenty of fun to be had. In-game rumors will abound about what exactly happened, and we encourage you to find out the details by coming, playing, and asking questions. But here's what you might hear with an ear to the wind:

Edwin Terminus challenged and defeated a Knight of the White Sash from Hightower, gaining himself that title and the right to be addressed as "Sir". He was promptly challenged in turn by Terran, and met the challenge a day later, choosing the warrior Garn as his champion. The challenge was rebuffed, Terran was killed, and Edwin Terminus retained his title.

The townsfolk, through a strange set of circumstances, found themselves enmeshed in a last-ditch effort by the Seelie and Unseelie courts to save the fae realm from invaders. The opening lines of a mysterious prophecy seem to be coming to light, but where is the text of this prophecy, and what role will the heroes of Mandrake's Landing play? The King of the Unseelie Court spent a full day seated in his own fae magic circle outside of the Celestial Guild, and he spoke to several of the townsfolk... but in the end, more questions were raised than answered.

Craft Day
Sunday, March 31st, 2002
Free! Bring your own food.

We had a good day and got a lot done. Thanks to everyone who helped make gear, thanks for the good company, and thanks for helping to clean up!

Faire Day
Sunday, March 24th, 2002
"Chasing a Dream - Hoarding Nightmares"
at West Wood Hills, Napa

We had a fantastic day here, with great weather and excellent turnout. A number of brand new NERO® players joined us, as did players from other chapters who've moved to the left coast. The action of the day was much and varied, including a confusing encounter with creatures of nightmare that didn't appear the same way to different observers. The players avenged a grisly Gnoll attack on some farmers, where the Gnolls had horridly dismembered and disembowled the farmers, stringing their guts in the trees. Meanwhile, another group plumbed the depths of the earth for treasure and formed alliances.

"May I Take Your Order?"
Faire Day
Sunday, March 16th, 2002
Belgatos Park, Los Gatos

The Teaser: "Treasure and peril await in the mountains surrounding Mandrake's Landing on Sunday, March 17. Sharpen your swords and prepare your spells, and make ready to explore the untamed hills as Nero West visits Belgatos for a day of adventure. Be sure to attend, that some day you too may lift a mug in the tavern and say that you took part in a daring rescue, or a valiant battle against evil!"

The Event: Instructed to retrieve a particularly important magical tome, the guard and folk of Mandrake's Land were led a merry chase over hill and dale. But the results are what matter, and the tome is now in trusted hands.


"It Ends in Fire"
Full Day Event ("Faire Day")

Saturday, March 2nd, 2002
Belgatos Park, Los Gatos

The citizens of Mandrake's Landing have saved the day again. Lead by Shielaran, Hightower's newest Governor, a small band of adventurers pursued an evil troll shaman. The adventurers tracked it to a cave lair where they thought they had cornered the beast. To their surprise they came upon a black circle of power where Lord Somyr was making some sort of evil dealing with the troll. As Somyr raised undead to stall the adventurers, both he and the troll made their escape, Somyr by spirit walking out, and the troll by sneaking away through a side passage. Undaunted, the adventurers succeeded in hunting the troll from that point. They defeated the beast, outwitted a band of Gypsies, and were able to recover one of the phase items required to lock down Mandrake's Landing for good.

Oden and Tanthus, two adventurers new to the area, were given a commission to join the town guard, while a local peasant turned hero has joined Shard in his own personal fight. As for Forest and Shiel... this was just another day in Mandrake's Landing.

Weekend Event
Friday January 25 through Sunday January 27th, 2002
Camp Cutter

Another wet and wild time. Though drier than November's event, we still had a good bit of rain. Nonetheless, the event came together remarkably well.

As Mandrake's Landing reawoke, it seems that another ancient power also rose from slumber. The peace of the tavern was shattered as the adventurers realizes they had, in their midst, a vampire of untold power. The beast was driven from the tavern, but it could not be defeated, merely turning to its gaseous form as adventurers sought to keep it at bay. Fortunately, the threat of dawn, or perhaps boredom, cause the creature to depart.

The stalwart citizens of Mandrake's Landing, bolstered by the Heroes of Whitestone planned and researched, delving ancient catacombs for artifacts that might aid their quest. A strategy bore fruit, one that might actually lead to the destruction of the ancient evil. And, on the dawn of Sunday, the force gathered itself and launched a dramatic and successful attack on the crypt of the vampire, destroying the creature utterly. Enough of its dark taint remained to keep bringing forth undead monstrosities... fortunately the warriors were able to retreat to the renewed safety of the town.

"To Skin a Sword"
Full Day Event ("Faire Day")

Saturday, December 15th, 2001
West Wood Hills, Napa

The adventurers found themselves at a newly-established trading post and border crossing checkpoint along the great highway leading through Mandrake's Landing between Hightower and Quadlum. This rest-stop or toll-station served as a launching-off point for a foray into the ruins of the ancient ruined city of Old Irongate, where two souls lost in the collapse of New Irongate were finally rescued.

Full 2-Day Event
"Time's Fabric Torn"

Friday, November 30, 2001 - Sunday, December 2, 2001

Camp Cutter

WET! We picked a gully-washer weekend to hold this event, but it turned out to be a blast nonetheless. Amid torrential rain, the interpid inhabitants of Mandrake's Landing dealt with a torrent of crises: an angry Marquis, a frightened Lord, the mysterious Obelisk, undead, roving orcs, gnolls, and bandits, and the death of another slaver!

This was the teaser:

Mandrake's Landing remains locked in the throes of ancient magic, torn in and out of this reality at odd intervals, returning strewn with cobwebs. Peasant and adventurer both fear they will be locked away in a ugly alternate world for another millennium, scholars fear the town may pull something through into our reality. Are the spirit guardians still at large, pulling the realm in and out of phase? Do the strange stones with their mysterious icons somehow anchor the realm or are they the key to a different puzzle? And what of temporal questions: how will the great nations treat this new nexus of power? What will the great guilds do to cement their future here?

Help anchor this new city, support the great adventurers as they venture through the mystic portals and discover what befell the ancients even as they struggle to control their own fate!

Faire Day, Los Gatos
"Politics and Ditch Digging
Saturday, November 10, 2001

Belgatos Park, Los Gatos

This was a slower-paced version of our usual faire days, with a number of personal roleplay sessions and loose-end herding. Nonetheless, everyone had a good time.

Arrangements were made with several clans of dwarven miners and stonemasons to clear the paths that lead to and from Sain's Peak, but these almost came to naught when the dwarves found themselves assaulted by a group of water elementals. Fortunately, the adventurers managed to rally and saved the lives of the workers, repelling the water elemental attack.

Many enigmatic visitors made an appearance, including a fire elemental lord, a strange knight from the North Fells, a cagy drae, and a group of unusual gnolls. You'll have to ask around to get details.

The city's owners spent a long evening around a lantern and a pot of tea with some of their guardsmen discussing how the area's affairs might be brought into a semblance of order, as well as how the sticky political situation might be resolved.

Full 2-Day Event
"Into the Spider's Web"

Friday, October 26, 2001 - Sunday, October 28, 2001

Camp Cutter

At our first two day of this season, we had a fantastic turnout and a great, if tiring event. Some fantastic folks from Adventures Unlimited and Southern California IFGS came up and volunteered as NPCs. They did a great job, and we're still getting compliments on their fine roleplaying. Thanks a million to Mark who helped contact them all!

Here's the game write-up, to help jog memories:

Forced out of the shelter of Fort Halkirk, joined by heroes from Whitestone, the ragged band of tired refugees and adventurers that formed the ex-residents of Irongate made their way up the mountain paths to the top of Sain's Peak.

At the summit, they found themselves attacked my monstrous spiders that would drift in and out of existence, and could ensnare their prey in a viscous web. Battling past the beasts, they came across an isolated den guarded by a gleaming golden construct and tended by a Stone Elf named Sturm. The Den was of little interest to the travelers who wanted food, it was too small to shelter them, and seemed hostile to most. But it had an Earth circle. If the wanderers were to face beasts like the spiders, they would need to secure the help of the tavern owners to provide a refuge for their spirits. The Den agreed, for an exorbitant sum, to allow the travelers to use their Earth Circle in case the worst occurred.

Further up the hill, the wanderers found themselves at the steps of an ancient building which could likely provide the shelter they sought. But the place was dank, and something wasn't right. A woman's voice cried out from inside, "Help! They're getting closer!" Then another joined in, a scream. The wary adventurers eyed the doors, concerned what they might be venturing into, but more concerned for the safety of those inside. Names were called out, and some among them realized it wasn't a nameless pair of women, but friends.

The old doors were thrown open, revealing a murky nest of the spiders, and the beasts attacked. Fighting into the building, the warriors found themselves at odds with a horde of chittering many-limbed creatures. Some were ensnared and dragged back inside, others fought valiantly while the captives were rescued.

The enveloping webs caught limbs, bodies, and swords while the spiders moved freely about, attacking. Suddenly cries rang out, as the queen spider scuttled out of the darkness. The powerful creature snared several heroes, while others fought valorously to put an end to her corrupt life.

At last the fighting ended. Winded, the adventurers took stock of what they had discovered. The lair was habitable, maybe even safe. Searchers ranged out, to find the other rooms of the building secured with complicated locks. The task of liberating the rooms began.

Moving from room to room, night wearing into early morning, the strange and evil challenges were faced and overcome, one at a time. Spirits, shadowy beings, traps, rituals, and puzzles faced the weary refugees. But each, in turn, was overcome.

As dawn broke on the new day, the fledgling town took stock of what it had accomplished and found that one enterprising soul had taken over the kitchen area and managed to prepare a welcome hot meal. Adventurers ranged out to secure their own quarters, to scout the region, and an aborted attempt was made to return to Irongate. A strange triangular obelisk was found in a clearing not far from town, and some realized that they had found strangely marked rock slabs that might fit into openings on the obelisk. The scholars advised caution.

Adventurers mounted an expedition to Old Irongate to aid a friendly water elemental against a well planned fire elemental attack. From there they attempted to return to New Irongate, hoping to recover some of their lost, valuable shops. But their visit was hampered by an attack by creatures whose mere touch brought death. They made it out, barely.

But daylight was spent quickly, and soon night fell once more. With it, warnings came in of a goblin army not far off, with bloody deeds in its mind. They were hunting those who had caused their defeat at Valendar keep.

Other events kept the adventurers close to the new tavern: the building itself was drifting in and out of reality, phasing, and as darkness fell spirits arose once more in the rooms.

The warning about the goblin army was not unfounded. Trolls harried the inhabitants, and soon an army of goblins, orcs, gnolls, and trolls was at the very entrance to the tavern. The adventurers found themselves defending what they had attacked the night before. Some fell in this battle, but with a heroic push, the invaders were thrown off and scattered.

Some respite provided the needed time to deal with the last spirits inhabiting some of the rooms. Battles raged at either ends of town, and the best scholarly minds worked to solve some of the riddles presented. A creature called a drake was, perhaps unwisely, freed from the stewardship of guardian spirits, but after it regained its strength, it attacked. Its massive attacks felled its opponents left and right, but a concerted effort managed to put the still-weakened beast down. The townsfolk were afraid to speculate what might have happened, had the drake regained its full strength.

The threat was not over, however. The goblin army had taken a captive, and the heroes tracked the kidnappers back to a fortified encampment. Finally broken, the massed goblinoid threat was broken. The town was relatively secure, for now... if only it would stop phasing in and out of reality.

South Bay Craft Day & Fighter Practice
Saturday, October 13th, 2001

Graham's House, Sunnyvale, CA

  • Weapon Making We'll bring supplies. Make weapons for the chapter for goblin points, or for yourself for the small cost of materials (about $5 for a sword).
  • Shield Making Tell us in advance, and we'll help you make a shield for NERO®.
  • Other crafts If we've power and shelter, we may get some sewing done, make books and physreps, or anything else we can dream up.
  • Fighter Practice We'll do some weapons training, and practice our incants in nearby Panama Park.

Since these events are at a plot member's house, RSVPs are required. We'll start at 9am and wrap up around dusk.

Faire Day Weekend
Saturday, September 29, 2001 and Sunday, September 30, 2001
$30 per day
Camp Lindblad

The event write-ups are on the bulletin boards:
Saturday, September 29th, Napa.
Sunday, September 30th, Belgatos

South Bay Craft Day
Sunday, September 23, 2001, 9AM-6PM

Graham's House, Sunnyvale, CA

  • Weapon Making We'll bring supplies. Make weapons for the chapter for goblin points, or for yourself for the small cost of materials (about $5 for a sword).
  • Shield Making Tell us in advance, and we'll help you make a shield for NERO®.
  • Other crafts If we've power and shelter, we may get some sewing done, make books and physreps, or anything else we can dream up.

We had a great day, got lots of stuff done, had much fun socializing and even managed to run a cool 'on-request' module for a couple of players.

South Bay Faire Day
Sunday, September 9th, 2001
Belgatos Park, Los Gatos

Event Summary:
Setting: Irongate

  • Two members of the Earth Coalition acted under orders of their commander to attempt to destroy the Chaos circle that had been placed in town by the Emperor of the Undead. Despite repeated warnings from the townsfolk that the Emperor was not to be trifled with, they went ahead with the ritual. As soon as it began, the Emperor appeared with one of his minions and immediately killed the two soldiers. Despite the efforts of Shielaran, they were permanently killed, one with an obliteration enacted by the Emperor. One hour later their agonized souls appeared in the Chaos circle, insubstantial and tormented.
  • News began to filter in from Valendar keep that something horrible had happened. As soldiers began to resurrect in the Earth circle there, the story came through that the goblins, using explosive traps, had overrun and taken the keep. Their army was on its way to Irongate.
  • With much soul-searching and a failed attempt to get help from Fort Halkirk, the town of Irongate decided to evacuate. The outlying farms and peasants were collected, sometimes rescued from the clutches of the Gnolls and Geoff pointed the way to a hidden sanctuary town in the hills.

Napa Faire Day
Saturday, September 8th, 2001
West Wood Hills, Napa

Event Summary:
Setting: Outside Valendar Keep

  • Two Earth Coalition representatives arrived and notified Grimvald Ironstone that he had been promoted from Guild Master of Irongate to Regional Guild Commander of the Borderlands, including Irongate, Fort Halkirk, and Valendar Keep. He chose Liandren Mercy to replace him as Guild Master of Irongate. Ironstone was also given possession of the legendary sword, Bright Vengeance, and Mercy received its sister weapon, Bright Glory.
  • The Dreaded Chaos Mace was retrieved from a rogue who had managed to wrest it from the grasp of the Liche, Omphis Portos. The evil weapon was put into the hands of a Life Elemental.
  • The adventurers saved several peasant farmers from the depredations of hosts of mindless undead, who seemed to be appearing in unusual numbers.
  • The Liche, Omphis Portos, was defeated in battle by Turok, Azure and Ironstone. His soul bottle was fortuitously captured then unfortunately lost again and the liche made a hasty retreat.

Faire Day
Sunday, August 12, 2001
Belgatos Park, Los Gatos

THE PLAGUE IS ENDED! After months of searching, battling, and frustration the adventurers closed in on a solution to the horrible plague that had felled almost one in ten throughout the Cynder Valley. A Faustian deal was called for, in the end, a deal that brought in the nefarious undead master, the self-styled Emperor of the Graveyard. Requiring the adventurers to seek out and return to him certain items, including the poor unfortunate nobleman from another land, the fellow who was reputedly the carrier of the plague, the Emperor agreed to perform a ritual that would end the disease. A Necromantic circle was erected in the center of the town of Irongate, (and not-incidentally made permanent) and the ritual was begun. Soon therafter, people and creatures possessed by some sort of Order-based spirits begain to attack, arriving in waves. Battered but unbowed, the adventurers managed to ward off the assault and the ritual was completed along with the unwilling sacrifice of Sir Barnsbee Wentworth.

Faire Day
Saturday, August 11, 2001
West Wood Hills, Napa

The Gauntlet: Adventurers ran a gauntlet of encounters seemingly concocted by a strange necromancer styling himself Lord Somyr. They were called upon to rescue a woman and her baby from a burning building, only to lose the woman to the ravages of the plague moments later. They came across a strange, unscrupulous merchant, fought undead who did not act as expected, battled goblins and gnolls, and eventually defied the necromancer's tyrranical experiment. He sought to test the adventurers, to see if one might indeed be a true hero, whose blood is a powerful formal magic component. It remains uncertain if he has reached his goal.

Faire Day
Sunday, July 22, 2001
Belgatos Park, Los Gatos
A familiar noble seeks help to rescue her husband, leading you to play peacemaker across borders. The trip to the edge of the kingdoms may save a life and prevent a war.

Sunday found our adventurers again in the town of Irongate, when the noble Lady Crystal Starling arrived, entreating her friends and the citizens of Irongate to aid her husband, Lord Garreth von Ponstad, the son of the Hobling baron, Soth von Ponstad. He'd gone missing after

Faire Day
Saturday, July 21, 2001 West Wood Hills, Napa
Continuing on the quest for the Chaos Mace, you'll find yourself hunting down villains and breaking down the defenses that hide the mace.

Clues surfaced in the small town of Irongate that the powerful Chaos Mace which had fallen into the hands of the evil Lich, Omphis Portos, could perhaps be located by the use of a rare formal scroll which was in the hands of the Castellan of Valendar Keep, not more than a handful of miles from Irongate. Visiting the keep, the Castellan informed the group that the use of the Formal Magic scroll wasn't easy or cheap. He required them to recapture a pair of escaped rogues who had retreated into the woods near the keep, and he insisted they prepare their own formal components. This all had to be done before his commander returned, shortly before sunrise. The adventurers combed the nearby forest trails, and though they located a good many of the requried formal components, one, a Gnoll Chieftain's Head eluded them. The group did succeed, however, in unearthing a Gnoll stronghold, though its defenses were too great to be overcome in a single battle.


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