The Outlands, like most other LARPs relies on the generosity and volunteer efforts and donations of its players to keep the quality of the game up and costs down. We can always use help in one form or another, whether the donation of props and gear or of time and labor.

Ways to Volunteer

Becoming an NPC

Just about anyone can play a Non-Player-Character (NPC) for NERO® West, and we couldn't run our game without them. NPCs are the folks to populate our world with monsters, commoners, nobles, merchants, spirits, and any other story-controlled character. As an NPC you might be asked to play anything from a lowly Kobold to a mighty Death Knight, from the ditch-digger to the Prince.

We break our NPCs up into two groups, based on how committed they are to NPCing.

Basic NPCs are those folks who just feel like NPCing for a day or two. They're usually asked to handle straightforward roles and typically act under rather close supervision. Basic NPCs play for free and earn base experience for their PC character. They have the option of paying half the event fee to get full experience for their PC.

NPC Guildmembers have agreed to NPC for 6 months or 12 1-day events, whichever is longer. We can give these folks more impactful roles, because we know they'll be in the fold for a while an we can invest the time and trust needed to handle important key roles. NPC Guildmembers play for free and get full experience.

In order to NPC, you must be a member of NERO® West and you should have learned our basic safety rules. Please read our NPC Guide and our Newbie Guide and try to familiarize yourself with our rules. Don't hesitate to ask questions.

Duties: In addition to roleplaying responsibilities, all NPCs are asked to help set up and clean up and will be asked to take a turn helping in the kitchen during overnight events. NPCs take direction from Plot and the Monster Marshals.

Join our Props, Docs, PR, or Costume Teams

In order to help coordinate our volunteer efforts, we've formed a few groups who help keep the chapter running. If you want to help us make weapons, masks, costumes, or props, or if you want to help us flesh out the background and setting of the game by writing stories and helping with the web page, let plot know and we'll put you in touch with one of our team leaders!

Goblin Point Rewards

We're not sure how the name got started, but 'gobbies' or 'goblin points' or 'GP' have become NERO® West's traditional way of thanking its volunteers and patrons in a way that has a bit more meaning than a hearty handshake.

Spending Goblin Points

  • You can spend goblin points in a few different ways:
  • Experience: Each week, a player can turn in up to 50 goblin points for each of their characters. For 50 goblin points, you get experience equal to attending one weekend event. (Note: National changed their policy in January '03. Previously 30 goblin points would get this blanket.)
  • In-game goods: Each month, a player can turn in up to 100 goblin points and convert them to production items or silver. This is per player, not per character.
    • Any production item (weapons, armor, traps, potions, scrolls, or alchemy) can be bought at a rate of 1 goblin point per 4 production points (1 production level). You do not have to have a production skill to take advantage of this. Even if you don't have the Armorsmith skill, you can get armor with goblin points, for example.
    • Silver can be bought at a rate of 1 goblin point per silver

For example, Bill earned 100 goblin points this month by donating 4 long swords. He wants to improve his character, Biff, so he devotes 50 points to Biff's advancement and gets the experience equivalent of attending a weekend event at the end of the month. He then turns in 28 more points to get himself 4 sleep gas alchemies, and turns in the remaining 22 for 22 silver.

Earning Goblin Points

We award goblin points when people do things for the game or donate things to the game, based upon our need for the donation, the effort (in hours of work, so try to keep rough track if working on a project) and the money spent on the donation. The Goblin Points value listed above is only an estimate and is in no way final.

Please contact us ( before donating if you're concerned about the exact amount of the award.

Other Compensation

NERO® normally cannot compensate players and members for materials or services unless specifically agreed upon up front. Most contributions of time and material are rewarded with goblin points. We cannot offer free games or monetary compensation at this time.

Standard Awards

Typically the rate of exchange is one hour of work for 17 gobbies, or 1.5 per dollar spent. Please contact before undertaking any major endeavor. Here are some standard goblin point awards:

Character Background: When you start your character, write us a 1-3 page background that tells us who your character is, what their goals are and where they're from. We use these when coming up with personal plots for you, and we'll give you 50 goblin points for turning it in. This can be done before you even play your character the first time, giving you a few extra build to play with.

Write-ups and Stories: We'll award gobbies for folks who want to write up background material, stories, maps, and other materials we can use to help flesh out the Cynder Valley.

Spell/Alchemy/Archery Packets: Packets should be of the bullet or sewn variety. Check out our props page for instructions on how to make sewn packets.

  • Spell/Alchemy Packets - 1 GP per packet
  • Archery Packets - 1 GP per packet


We prefer that donated weapons be made with the materials specified in the book to within 1 inch of the maximum length for the weapon type. We typically don't put on cross-guards, because we stack the weapons and they can get damaged. Check out our props page for some improved guidelines for making weapons.

Very well crafted weapons, with fancy crossguards and good grips will get a bonus. If you want to use special materials (ultralights) or do fancy designs, we recommend you talk to plot.

  • Longsword - 25
  • Shortswords - 22
  • Daggers - 17
  • Short Mace - 30
  • Short Axe - 30
  • Hatchet/Sap - 25
  • Long Mace - 33
  • Long Axe - 33
  • Packet Bows - 30
  • Staff - 25
  • 2-handed sword - 33
  • Polearm - 42
  • Thrown weapon - 8

Jewelry - By cost and coolness.

Boxes/Chests - By cost and coolness.

Formal Magic Component Phys. Reps - 1 per 3 physreps. (More for nicer physreps.)

Armor (real)

Armor quality varies wildly. These numbers are for reasonably made average "real" armor. Good quality armor would net more of a bonus. Estimate cost and time to make for us, and we'll factor it in the reward.

We do accept faux-armor, suede leather or vinyl, plastic chain, plastic plate, but it would typically not be worth as many goblin points.

  • Leather Shirt - 67
  • Chainmail Shirt - 250
  • Breastplate - 250
  • Scale/Brigandine - 133


We can always use good costuming, and if you're interested in helping us outfit one of our marquee NPCs, we'd be grateful. We're also happy to accept any period clothing. As always, give plot a yell before investing a lot of time and effort.

  • Shirt - 40
  • Pants - 40
  • Cloak or Robe - 80-100
  • Skirt or Dress - 67
  • Poncho - 33
    A poncho is about 2.5-3 yards of fabric with a head-hole cut in the middle. They make great monster garb as they are rather shapeless and enveloping.


We frequently find ourselves in particular need of something. In those cases, if you get something off the wish-list, we'll give you about 50% more gobbies than usual.

Please see the conference boards for the current wish list.


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