Most of the rules for the game are available here. While these rules are important, remember that it's the spirit of the game that really matters! These documents are in PDF format, so you'll need some kind of PDF view. Adobe Acrobat Reader is good and free and available here.

Core NERO® Ruleset

Document Description
8th Edition Player's Rulebook (Abridged) This is the place to start if you're not familiar with NERO®. It describes most of the core game skills, character creation, and how to play the game. This abridged version has all the core rules, but there is a more comprehensive printed rulebook that you can buy.
The NERO® Formal Magic System High level practitioners of magic can learn the skill Formal Magic.The rules for how this is handled are here.
8th Edition Errata The National Rules Committee has published this set of errata for the core rules.


Supplimentary Rules, Policies and Playtests

Document Description

NERO® West Local Playtests Document

We use some of the optional playtests approved by National, as well as some of our own invention. This document describes these rules.
Updated: August 2006
Formal Magic Cantrips This playtest allows characters with the Formal Magic skill to cast spells that are more potent than the normal pyramid, but not as time-consuming or, well, formal as the formal magic spells.
Harmonic Magic Spellsingers, bards, the magic of song. This playtest details the systems for this type of magic in the NERO® world. In order to use these skills, you must first get plot approval.
Nature Magic Druids, animal charmers, and the magic of Nature. This playtest details the systems for the nature mage in the NERO® world. In order to use these skills, you must first get plot approval.
Updated: May 2005
Quick-Reference NERO Tables A PDF of some of the more important NERO tables and charts.



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