Outlands Price List


Membership - A one year membership in NERO® West. This allows you to play in any NERO® chapter. Membership includes an 8th edition NERO® Rulebook and other chapter specific items and information.

Transfer Membership - NERO® is played across North America, and members of other chapters are more than welcome to transfer into our chapter. For an isolated event or two, there's no membership fee, but if you're moving locally and want us to maintain your character in our database, there's a fee. Effectively this is an early renewal. Any visitors or transfers should have their old chapters send us all your character information.

Membership Renewal - Every year, NERO® International requires we renew our memberships, so this is a yearly charge for maintaining records on you and your character.

2-Day Event - Also referred to as a weekend event. Our weekend events start Friday evening and end Sunday afternoon. These happen rain or shine, and pre-registration is highly recommended. The fees for these events vary depending on which site we use. Currently we are using Camp Cutter, which is relatively expensive but very nice, with plenty of beds, nice hot showers and fantastic terrain.

Faire Day - A Faire Day is a full day of gaming, from morning until around sunset. These events are typically free-form events, set around a specific locale where players can adventure about as they choose. We often run modules as part of these events, taking PCs on wild adventures.

Modules - When run separately, modules are typically single-purpose adventures that tend to last between 2 and 4 hours. Modules are often incorporated into Faire Days or 2-days, to provide for special storylines.

Personal Modules - We'll happily run personal modules for people. We typically need a few weeks notice, and need to know what the players want to accomplish during the module.

Good ideas for personal modules: My PC has heard about a plot against the King organized by the Slaver's guild, and I want to travel to the capitol to deliver the warning. Or: My PC needs to hunt for his lost brother, who he has word of from a soothsayer.

Bad ideas for personal modules: I want to go find a magic amulet of boom (stuff-quest). I want to go assassinate another PC. Etc.

For more information on event types, click here.

All pay events include drinks.


Item Price
New Membership - Includes Book $30
Membership: Transfer From Another Chapter $15
Membership Renewal 1-year $15
2-Day Event at the door $80
SPECIAL 2-Day Event pre-registration price $65
Faire Day at the door - Min 10 PCs $30
Module Day at the door - Min 8 PCs $15
Personal Module, at the door $15 per PC, minimum $60
8th Edition NERO® Book $10


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