NERO West Transfer Policy

Visiting Players

If you plan on playing in NERO West please contact us; we can be reached by email ( or phone (800-249-9909 or 408-781-7485 if you're in that area code). Please include the dates in which you plan on attending, a copy of your character card (include level, race, skills, etc.), and a small character bio; the more information that is provided, the better we can fit you into our game. Please also send a list of any restricted items or any large amounts of unrestricted items (i.e. 1000 cure light damage alchemy) that you wish to bring; please see our item policy below. Your plot committee will be responsible for giving you the story line to our chapter and we will story line you home. If possible, we prefer to talk to your Plot Committee before and after you play in our chapter. The general transfer policy is as follows:

  • We must review all items being transferred into our chapter, especially magic items. Please present all out-of-chapter tags at opening logistics.
  • As per the item distribution policy, we cannot allow Local Chapter Only items in game that are not from NERO West
  • Regional Items will only be allowed with the approval of both Plot Committees.
  • Play Test Items will only be allowed if we are play testing the same rules and with our plot committees approval.
  • Unrestricted Items such as alchemy, potions, scrolls, etc. will be allowed into our game. We reserve the right to refuse large amounts of the items or particular magic items, spells, and recipes that are rare or uncommon in our chapter.

NERO West Players Visiting Another Chapter

NERO West members planing on visiting another chapter should give three (3) weeks notice prior to the planned event date. This will allow us to make sure everything is ready and allow us ample time to contact the other chapter's Plot Committee. All items obtained out-of-chapter events are subject to the same approval as specified above for visiting players, and must be presented at opening logistics.

Transferring Characters to the NERO West Database

There is a transfer fee (see our pricing page) to move a NERO member's information to the NERO West database. Please talk to NERO West Plot for more information


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